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We are Ayist Games Company and we bring stories to life
An interactive narrative experience where your decisions shape the story
We are Ayist Games Company and we
bring stories to life

An interactive narrative experience where your decisions shape the story
Happy to present our
new game NOVELS
Choose your story, customize your character, and play
alongside millions of players worldwide
The fairy of light needs to plan a wedding of the Dark One — the powerful creature, with which she has old scores to settle. But the regular preparation of the celebration will lead to blackmail, magical intrigue, and forbidden attraction…

A talented scenarist goes to Hollywood where a movie is shot based on her scenario. Little did she know about the actor, whom the producers had chosen for the main role in her story. And she couldn't even expect to get to know
him a bit earlier than she anticipated… and close
r, too…
Ellie is a high school student in good standing. She will be admitted to a prestigious college, which will undoubtedly be followed by a brilliant career. But everything changes in one evening, when she becomes an accidental witness to one conversation.
Mary did not expect the usual vacancy announcement will lead her … to the cooking show! Intrigues and secrets, enemies and friends, betrayal and unexpected help — what will each new day bring? And who will win her heart?

Lily is an ordinary clerk from London, she flies to the Caribbean — to visit all the most beautiful beaches of the sunny Dominican Republic. But plans for a serene vacation fly down the drain: she does not suspect what kind of adventures fate is preparing for her.
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